Why Choose Us?


Why choose us?

At Franking Supplies, we are committed to lowering your cost of consumables. By using our ink cartridges and labels, it enables you to significantly reduce the ongoing costs of your franking machine with a lower cost per impression than using the original cartridges and labels. However, you can rest assured that saving money will not affect your quality of product.

We are often asked –

“Will the use of compatible supplies invalidate my franking machine warranty, as my machine manufacturer has stated or implied?”

Since a 2005 Office of Fair Trading ruling, this is not the case. The use of our compatible ink will not invalidate the franking machine warranty and in fact your manufacturer saying this is in clear breach of that ruling.

This is why your manufacturer will not put it clearly in writing when asked (what some service engineers/salesmen say verbally and are actually prepared to put in writing are often two very different things).

All of the franking cartridges supplied by us are NEW, Royal Mail compliant, & fully compatible with your machine. They are manufactured to the highest standard from a Royal Mail approved supplier and have been rigorously tested for quality & colour of ink, print, & readability.Your warranty or maintenance agreement will not be affected.